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Giddy-Up! BCRA Monthly Newsletter - March 2023

The leprechauns have been hard at work...

...and we can't wait any longer to let you in on some of the big changes they've made here! Read on to see how the BCRA is Marching forward into spring.


  • BCRA is now partnered with Amilia for a streamlined parent experience. We are so excited to announce that the BCRA will be integrating Amilia's software into first our 2023 Summer Camp Season, then into the program as a whole. Amilia provides parents with easy ways to add students or Campers to their profile, register for camps and activities, keep track of tuition and registration, and get all the BCRA news - all through one easy portal! You can also find Amilia in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Check out our Summer Camp section below to read more and see the new interface.

  • After chasing some pixies and a hobgoblin or two out of the embroidery machines, our leprechauns have been hard at work finishing up your BCRA sweatshirts. You will be able to pick them up from the Baymare Room starting Monday, 3/27. If you did not pre-order a sweatshirt this time, but would like the opportunity to purchase one, please let us know at this link!

  • Barn Rats takes place on Sundays from 11:30 AM - 1 PM during March. Riders will meet Liv by the Hitching Post for activities such as bathing horses, setting up a new jump course for the week, cleaning tack, and getting to experience how we care for our horses after lessons.


General Enrollment is Open

Ready to give your young equestrians a summer of fun? Head on over to Amilia to check out our five new Camp weeks. Each Camp runs 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, Monday - Friday, with a unique theme, brand new activities, and - of course - lots of horseback time for your Camper. BCRA families can register through Amilia today:

  • Not sure which Camp is right for your child? Just click "More Information" on any Week to see the description, activity list, and details.

  • If you have any trouble navigating the new platform, don't worry - they offer parent support! You can find helpful tips and guides here: If you still need individual help, please call the BCA office on Monday between 9 AM and 5 PM and ask to speak with Bri, or email her at

Not Eight Yet? Check Out August's Mini Camp

If you have an eager kid who is still too young to meet our 8-year-and-up cutoff for Camp, check out this year's new addition: Mini Camp, running 7/31 - 8/4, combines the best of all five weeks into a single, age-appropriate camp for equestrians ages 5 through 7. You can find more information on our Amilia page:


The theme for this month is Golden Goals! We will be asking students to identify what some of their goals and dreams are, either within our program or as it relates to riding. Students can ask their instructor for help thinking of a goal if they are having trouble coming up with one! We will stress the importance of setting clear, realistic goals while also encouraging students to dream big this spring.

Upcoming March classes and opportunities for Academy students:


Ongoing: Barn Clover Hunt

There is a clover hunt going on at the barn! Every time you come in for your lesson, be on the hunt for four leaf clovers hidden around the BCEC. Collect the ones you find, keep them safe from leprechauns, and turn them in at the end of the month; the student with the most clovers at the end of March will win the leprechaun's pot of gold. May the luck o' the Irish be with ye!

Saturday, March 18th, 2 - 3:30 PM: Lucky Horseshoes Game Day

This month, students will play games on horseback and compete for a pot of gold. To learn more, see or the signup sheet posted on the BCRA Bulletin Board. Please note that we will be offering alternate activities if rain does not permit riding.

Classes 1 - 2 PM


Grooming: Leg and Coat Care

This class will cover how we properly care for our horses' legs and coats. Horses legs are one of the most important parts of their body and we have many different techniques on how to properly take care of them. We will be going over proper coat care and how to wrap, clean, and bandage/standing wrap legs. Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Grooming and earn a badge when ready.



This class will cover how we correctly lunge and walk out horses. We will go over how to hold the rope, stand, and make our horses go. Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Groundwork and earn a badge when ready.


Braiding, Hair Care, and Show Prep

As students have heard, we will be having a Horse Show here in May, so use this class to help prepare for every equestrian's goal: showing. We will be learning to do different types of show braids as well as learning all about how we prepare our horses for going to a show - they need just as much prep as, if not more than, the riders who show them! Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Grooming and earn a badge when ready.

For classes and activities, sign up sheets will be on the board next to the Hitching Post (our clubhouse room).

Reminder: Proper Barn Attire

BCEC helmets are only offered for new students for the first few lessons, so it's important to make sure you bring your helmet and wear your barn gear to every lesson. This includes your riding boots! If you are still searching for the right gear to get, you can always ask your instructor for tips and recommendations.

Reminder: Tuition Payments Require Card

Payments are DUE by your child’s first lesson of each month, so in order to make sure there is no disruption in your child’s schedule, please make sure to remit your payment on time. If payment isn't received by the 12th of each month, the credit card on file will be charged tuition and the online convenience fee. All enrolled students must have a credit card on file. If you are paying by check, please include your child’s name on the memo line. If you would like to set up automatic Square payments for tuition, please see Liv. Please remit payment directly to the Baymare Room at the beginning of the month. If the room is closed, there is a secure drop off slot for payments. Thank you!

Riding Academy Curriculum

Especially in this month of goal-setting and discussing dreams, we love to see all of our Equestrians bringing their journals to their lessons and taking their instructor’s written advice. Remember to bring your journals with you not just for lessons, but for classes and Barn Rats as well - all three are an opportunity to earn stamps and get those new badges! We encourage all our students to check in with their instructor about which classes, Camps, and activities can help them get closer to their riding goals.

We are so lucky to have your continued support of the Bell Canyon Riding Academy and Equestrian Center Community!

Happy riding,

The BCRA Team


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