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Giddy-Up! BCRA Monthly Newsletter - March 2022

Welcome to March!

Speaking of March, we are marching out some new and exciting things this month!

First, we want to thank the community of riders and parents for supporting our growing herd of school horses and contributing to the harmony of our barn culture. It is wonderful to have so many friendly and receptive parents who watch and support their kids during lessons and around the barn. We are simply amazed at our hard working students who show up, no matter if it’s wind or rain, for the love of being with the horses and trainers. It is very special to see such strong bonds forming between our riders and our horses with the help of our trainers. Horse hugs and kisses are irresistible!

On to the new and exciting things this month…

  • Our Lucky Horseshoe Game Day will be on March 12 from 2-3pm. Spaces are limited! You can sign up on the bulletin board, next to the clubhouse.

  • Starting Saturday, March 5th, there is a clover hunt going on at the barn…Every time you come for your lesson, be on the hunt for four leaf clovers; collect them all and turn them in at the end of the month. The student with the most clovers at the end of the month gets the “pot of gold” . . . Luck of the Irish to ya!

  • Horsemanship classes will be running on Mondays now for some extra time with our four legged friends. You can sign up directly on the website to snag a slot and read all about what to expect!

  • Summer Camp Season 2022 is coming and registration is open! You can sign up on our website (; for more info, please see the flyer linked below, on the bulletin board next to the clubhouse, or ask our trainers for one!

And now for a very important announcement:

The new Bell Canyon Riding Academy Curriculum is coming in April!

By now, many of you might have heard rumors of a new curriculum underway that emphasizes core riding concepts for optimum growth in every rider. Well, the rumors are true! In fact, The Bell Canyon Riding Academy Core Curriculum is launching in April!

So what can parents and students expect? Lessons will continue as normal; however, achievement based lesson plans will now be integrated in an overall lesson arc for each student to follow in order to meet personal or program goals and help set a path for their future as riders at our academy. Skill building clinics and game days will run every other month with assessment days to check in on each student’s progress. Horsemanship, Flatwork, and Coursework, scheduling said clinics, game days, achievements and assessments, etc. Students will be able to earn badges within their level so as to move on to greater levels. These badges will be awarded for significant achievements throughout the lesson arc, enabling students to improve at appropriate paces, and climb to greater goals and rewards.

Additionally, we will use monthly themes to keep lesson plans and growth on track and encourage students to practice something new and exciting, even challenging each month. This will be a monthly opportunity for all students to strengthen a particular skill set essential to their future as riders through each lesson of each month. Some monthly themes might be physical challenges, like balance and strength, while others might be mental, like focus and trust, and will be meant to inspire an active conversation on these subjects and how they pertain to the students personal goals and riding.

This month is the theme of Dreams. While some might be dreaming of that “pot of gold” at the end of March, the dreams we mean are those of our students. We will be asking them to identify what some of their goals and dreams are within our program or as it relates to riding and start the process of setting foundation stones to help them get there. We encourage parents and students alike to visit these concepts as well in and out of the barn, have fun with ideas and the conversation of dreams as riders, and talk to our trainers about them.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin to integrate and explain much more about the program. We will be hosting two information sessions for parents and students. Please join us on either Saturday, April 2, 2pm-3pm or Sunday, April 3 2pm-3pm. Please RSVP here: If you can’t attend either session, please let us know and we will work out a convenient time to meet and discuss.

Please stay tuned for next month's newsletter and updates on events! Thank you for supporting the Bell Canyon Riding Academy and Equestrian Center Community! Happy March and happy clover hunting ;)

Dakota Hokanson

BCRA Head Trainer & BCEC Liason

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