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Giddy-Up! BCRA Monthly Newsletter - January 2023

New Year, New Gear!

Happy New Year, BCRA family! We're so excited to announce all the new things that we have been creating here at the BCRA, and they came just in time for the new year.


  • We are exited to announce a revamping of the Leg Up Lessons! We heard your feedback and are very pleased to announce the new Leg Up Progress Journals designed for our younger riders. Keep an eye open for the enrollment fee and updated price list coming your way!

  • Make sure to preorder a custom BCRA sweatshirt for you and your equestrian! Preorders end January 15th - check out the options and don't forget to add the custom embroidery to your choices.

  • Academy students, keep working hard on filling up those progress journals with stamps! We have new badges and, when you are ready, your instructor will award them to you. Preview them here.

  • Get in touch: we have a new phone number! Please use 747-263-6267 for all communications.

We use Project Broadcast for mass announcements - including this newsletter - but the phone number you see on those texts is not a BCRA-owned number. Please do not reply to Project Broadcast texts to try and reach us - use our new number above instead!

  • For insurance purposes, all clients must sign yearly waivers for the program - thank you to all of you who signed the yearly waiver packet during November! If you still need to do so, please reach out to your instructor or Liv and they will provide the updated information & waiver packet. Students may not ride without updated forms.

  • The holidays brings lots of travel and special events! We will be taking New Year's Day off, but running lessons the other days of the week. If you need to reschedule lessons, please text our new phone number now (747-263-6267) so Liv and the team can get you rescheduled!

  • Interested in having your rider celebrate their birthday at the barn? Click here for more information.

  • Just a reminder that Barn Rats has moved from Wednesday evenings to Saturdays at 11:30 AM! Riders will meet Liv by the Hitching Post for activities such as bathing horses, setting up a new jump course for the week, cleaning tack, and getting to experience how we care for our horses after lessons.

The theme for this month is New Year New Skills! To help them break out of their comfort zones, students will be asked to pick a new skill or growth direction they would like to focus on during this month. Students can focus on that skill not just in lessons, but through classes, Barn Rats, Barn Owls, and more.

Upcoming January classes and opportunities for Academy students:


Saturday, January 14th, 5:30 - 9 PM: Barn Owls

Treat yourself to a little Saturday night out, and drop off your equestrians for a winter-themed night at the barn for a few hours! We will be playing arena games, eating dinner and dessert under the stars, and making horse treats while watching a movie. The best part? Cozy Barn Owl PJs are always encouraged! Visit for more information. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon!

Sunday, January 22nd, 3 - 5 PM: PJs & Ponies

Build the jump course of your dreams in our lower arena and take our two unicorns, Fish and Marshmallow, through it! Students will be able to see what it is like to build their own jump course as well as have fun running our mini horses around and over jumps.

Classes 1 - 2 PM


Grooming: Leg and Coat Care

This class will cover how we properly care for our horses' legs and coats. Horses legs are one of the most important parts of their body and we have many different techniques on how to properly take care of them. We will be going over proper coat care and how to wrap, clean, and bandage/standing wrap legs. Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Grooming and earn a badge when ready.


Horse Anatomy II Recommended prerequisite: Horse Anatomy I

This class focuses on specific parts of the body such as the shoulder, point of shoulder, whither hock, knee, ribs, dock, girth, stifle, poll, croup, stifle. Students will also learn some of the different muscles and tendons horses use. Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Anatomy and earn a badge when ready.


Horse Care I

This class will cover how we check a horse's health and fitness, how to care for them when they have a cut or deep wound, a horse's basic nutritional needs, and stall care and maintenance. Our horses' well being is our top priority as we want them to be happy and healthy! Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Horse Care and earn a badge when ready.

For classes and activities, sign up sheets will be on the board next to the Hitching Post (our clubhouse room).

Reminder: Proper Barn Attire

Your Equestrians must wear their riding attire and bring their own helmets, paddock boots, etc to lessons. Ask your instructor if you need help deciding what to get! BCEC helmets will only be offered for new students for the first few lessons.

Reminder: Tuition Payments Require Card

Please remit payment directly to the Baymare Room at the beginning of the month. If the room is closed, there is a secure drop off slot for payments. Payments are DUE by your child’s first lesson of each month, so in order to make sure there is no disruption in your child’s schedule, please make sure to remit your payment on time. If payment isn't received by the 12th of each month, the credit card on file will be charged tuition and the online convenience fee. All enrolled students must have a credit card on file. If you are paying by check, please include your child’s name on the memo line. If you would like to set up automatic Square payments for tuition, please see Liv. Thank you!

Riding Academy Curriculum

We love to see all of our Equestrians bringing their journals to their lessons and taking their instructor’s written advice. Remember to bring your journals with you not just for lessons, but for classes and Barn Rats as well - all three are an opportunity to earn stamps and get those new badges!

Winter Lessons

We continue moving to more semi-private and group lessons over the semester. Talk with your instructor if you are interested.

We're looking forward to a 2023 filled with new opportunities and exciting growth. Thank you for your continued support of the Bell Canyon Riding Academy and Equestrian Center Community!

Happy riding,

The BCRA Team


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