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Giddy-Up! BCRA Monthly Newsletter - February 2023

Hearts & Horses

Happy Valentine's Day, BCRA! We hope you'll love all the big changes this new year is bringing just as much as we do.


  • We are still welcoming our younger students to the revamped Leg Up Lessons program! Help your littlest equestrian gain confidence in the saddle and around the stables, all while tracking their progress in their very own Leg Up Lesson Progress Journal. See or email Liv for enrollment details.

  • Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered their BCRA sweatshirts. Keep an eye out for a Project Broadcast announcing their arrival!

  • Academy students, keep working hard on filling up those progress journals with stamps to earn our new round of badges! Don't forget, you can also earn stamps outside of lessons by attending classes and Camps. Have you picked out which ones you're aiming for this month?

  • Busy season for the BCEC is coming up, so make sure to book your Equestrian's Birthday Camp experience soon! Click here for more information.

  • Barn Rats will take place on Sundays at noon during February! Riders will meet Liv by the Hitching Post for activities such as bathing horses, setting up a new jump course for the week, cleaning tack, and getting to experience how we care for our horses after lessons.


Early Enrollment is Now Open

With all the winds and the rain, it's hard to believe that summer is right around the corner, but June will be here before you know it! Your BCRA instructors have been hard at work revamping the BCRA Summer Camp experience, and we are so excited to announce that early enrollment is now here for our five, fun-filled Camp weeks. Each week of Camp runs 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, Monday - Friday, with a unique theme, brand new activities, and - of course - lots of horseback time for your Camper. BCRA families can reserve a registration packet now before general enrollment opens:


The theme for this month is Love All Around! Instructors will help students develop a partnership with their horses during lessons and on the ground. We will focus on rider and equine communication during lessons, looking for each other’s cues to build a stronger relationship and advance together as a team!

Upcoming February classes and opportunities for Academy students:


Saturday, February 11th, 5:30 - 9 PM: Barn Owls

Treat yourself to a little Saturday night out, and drop off your equestrians for a Valentine-themed night at the barn for a few hours! We will be making heart-shaped horse treats, playing arena games, eating dinner and dessert under the stars, and watching a movie. Cozy Barn Owl PJs (especially in red, pink, or heart patterns) are always encouraged! For more information, including our sibling discount, please visit Spaces are limited, so sign up soon!

Saturday, February 18th, 1 - 3 PM: Hearts & Horses Game Day

Academy Students are welcome to join us for our first Game Day of 2023! This month, students will play Valentine-themed games on horseback. For more information, check out or the signup sheet posted on the BCRA Bulletin Board.

Classes 1 - 2 PM


Grooming: Leg and Coat Care

This class will cover how we properly care for our horses' legs and coats. Horses legs are one of the most important parts of their body and we have many different techniques on how to properly take care of them. We will be going over proper coat care and how to wrap, clean, and bandage/standing wrap legs. Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Grooming and earn a badge when ready.


Horse Care I

This class will cover how we check a horse's health and fitness, how to care for them when they have a cut or deep wound, a horse's basic nutritional needs, and stall care and maintenance. Our horses' well being is our top priority as we want them to be happy and healthy! Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Horse Care and earn a badge when ready.


Tack + Equipment I: All the Basics

This class covers parts of the saddle, how it’s built to fit the horse, related equipment such as girth types, and different kinds of saddle pads. We will go over why we use different equipment on different horses and why some horses may need special tack. We will also go ver how to clean each piece of tack and why it is important to do so. Use this class as an opportunity to get more stamps in your progress journal under Tacking and earn a badge when ready.

For classes and activities, sign up sheets will be on the board next to the Hitching Post (our clubhouse room).

Reminder: Proper Barn Attire

Your Equestrians must wear their riding attire and bring their own helmets, paddock boots, etc to lessons. Ask your instructor if you need help deciding what to get! BCEC helmets will only be offered for new students for the first few lessons.

Reminder: Tuition Payments Require Card

Please remit payment directly to the Baymare Room at the beginning of the month. If the room is closed, there is a secure drop off slot for payments. Payments are DUE by your child’s first lesson of each month, so in order to make sure there is no disruption in your child’s schedule, please make sure to remit your payment on time. If payment isn't received by the 12th of each month, the credit card on file will be charged tuition and the online convenience fee. All enrolled students must have a credit card on file. If you are paying by check, please include your child’s name on the memo line. If you would like to set up automatic Square payments for tuition, please see Liv. Thank you!

Riding Academy Curriculum

We love to see all of our Equestrians bringing their journals to their lessons and taking their instructor’s written advice. Remember to bring your journals with you not just for lessons, but for classes and Barn Rats as well - all three are an opportunity to earn stamps and get those new badges! We encourage all our students to check in with their instructor about their progress and explore which classes, Camps, and activities can help them get closer to their riding goals.


We will continue moving to more semi-private and group lessons over the semester. Talk with your instructor if you are interested.

Thank you for your continued support of the Bell Canyon Riding Academy and Equestrian Center Community!

Happy riding,

The BCRA Team


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