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About Us

Bell Canyon Riding Academy's comprehensive program is designed to create well rounded, educated equestrians who have a solid foundation in both technique and the joy of riding. Information about the horse’s care, needs, well-being, equipment, and way of going are important parts of understanding how to create a connection with the horses, and we begin teaching those principles on day one.

Our Goals

Our goal at BCRA is to create a fun, educational environment where correct principles are taught from the beginning and where safety is a top priority. We teach students "how to ride," but we also help them to understand how the work of riding and the fun of an outdoor, equestrian life are intertwined.

We begin riders in private, one-on-one lessons where the instructor can focus only on that student, building a strong foundational knowledge and preventing bad habits from forming. When there are no habits to unlearn, students have less frustration and and progress more quickly. Private lessons also ensure that a student has a supportive environment and feels comfortable asking questions about vocabulary, physicality, and techniques. Once a rider is competent in steering and basic understandings, they may request a semi-private or group lesson.

Meet Mia, one of our school horses!

Why Choose BCRA?

In the quiet, home-like setting of the Bell Canyon Equestrian Center, there are limited distractions - students can really feel away from the world and closer to their horse. Our instructors are chosen for their experience, and trained to teach in a positive, consistent, constructive manner that stresses correct position and effectiveness as a rider as well as an empathy and understanding of the horse. At BCRA, we take pride in the riders that we create and the relationships we gain in the process. | 747-263-6267 (text)

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