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In a BCEC arena, Olivewoods Stables founder Dakota Hokanson stands between two mounted, uniformed students


Olivewood Stables is a full service training barn offering lessons in hunters, equitation, and jumpers to all levels and ages. At Olivewood, the focus is on giving riders a solid and confident foundation by taking the time to learn the fundamentals of strong and effective riding. Individuals learn how best to communicate with their horses, understand them, and build upon that relationship both in and out of the show ring. Each lesson is catered to the needs of the each horse and rider and their well-being both separately and as a team.


The term “extend an olive branch” has a long historical past, stretching back to ancient roman and greek times. During war, olive branches were given as offerings to end conflict and create peace and friendship. Over time the Olive branch became a symbol of peace itself with a dove bringing an olive branch to Noah’s ark to signal the end of the flood and a new beginning. Olivewood is for those looking for exactly that, a new beginning, or a peaceful haven, a place to be nurtured and grow, a barn family, and a home.

At Olivewood, the branch is always extended.

Olivewood Stables founder and trainer Dakota Hokanson with student and multiple awards at Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park


29 Baymare Road
Bell Canyon, CA 91307


(661) 557-2355



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