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Enrolled Student: (ages 7+)   Resident Enrollment (one-time): $125;  Resident Evaluation lesson (new students only): $70;  Resident 1 ride/wk + 1 class/mo: $305;  Resident 2 rides/wk + 2 classes/mo: $600;  Resident 3 rides/wk + 3 classes/mo: $895.  Non-Resident Enrollment (one-time): $125;  Non-Resident Evaluation lesson (new students only): $75;  Non-Resident 1 ride/wk + 1 class/mo: $325;  Non-Resident 2 rides/wk + 2 classes/mo: $640;  Non-Resident 3 rides/wk + 3 classes/mo: $955. Sapling Program: (ages 4-6)   Resident 1 ride/wk: $195;  Resident 2 rides/wk: $380;  Resident 3 rides/wk: $565.  Non-Resident 1 ride/wk: $215;  Non-Resident 2 rides/wk: $440;  Non-Resident 3 rides/wk: $625. A la carte:  Resident age 7+ 1 ride (30min private or 45min semi-private): $80;  Non-resident age 7+ 1 ride (30min private or 45min semi-private): $85.  Resident age 4-6 1 ride (30min private or 45min semi-private): $50;  Non-resident age 4-6 1 ride (30min private or 45min semi-private): $55.

What is an enrolled student?

The Academy program is a structured, tailored learning experience for riders who want to build long-term riding skills.  It's a great option for those who want to build towards show jumping or a career in the equestrian world.

What is the Sapling Program?

Our Sapling program, designed for our youngest riders, serves as a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of riding and horse care.

Not enrolled?  No problem!  Our a la carte rides are available to everyone, whether you're looking to ride for pleasure or to try out our program before committing.

Text 747-263-6267 or email to get started.

Please note that there is a convenience fee for all credit and debit card transactions.  Academy tuition is billed monthly and due before the first lesson of the month; a la carte payment is due at time of service.

Lessons Run, Rain or Shine:

In inclement weather, students will work on core fundamentals ranging from balance, emergency dismount procedures, horsemanship, etc.  Unless the BCRA determines that lessons need to be rescheduled, you should plan on coming to your lesson as scheduled.

Confirmation and Cancellations:

Please note that we require 24-hour notice to cancel your lesson. If you do not cancel within that period or are a no-show for your lesson, that lesson will be deducted from your Academy package (enrolled students) or charged to you (a la carte).  Lesson confirmations are sent via text message, so make sure you check your phone for those.

When You Arrive:

You should arrive at least 5 minutes before your lesson start time. If you arrive and don’t see us up near the horses’ stalls, we are down at the arena with the horse you are using for your lesson. Do a quick visual check of the stall and tack room area and then head on down! We will be excited to see you and get started.

Reminder: Proper Riding Attire

  • You must have a boot with a heel in order to ride—no sneakers!

  • Long pants and a shirt with sleeves will help you feel secure in the saddle and stay protected from dust, insects, and the sun.

  • Academy students must have helmets and proper riding gear. 


Not sure what's right for you?  Your instructors would be happy to give you recommendations on what you might need.

Reach out to schedule today: | 747-263-6267 (text)

Email BCRA Leadership:
Ashley, BCRA President

COVID-19 & Riding Lessons:

We will do our best to practice methods to protect everyone’s safety, but there is still some risk associated with coming to ride. Tack, especially saddles, and horses cannot be perfectly disinfected between riders, and for lower level riders or the event of an emergency social distancing may be difficult to abide to 100% of the time. Keep in mind, scheduling a lesson during this time means accepting these risks.

Refund Policy:

Academy tuition is non-refundable.  If a student chooses to leave the Academy before the completion of a paid month, no portion of the tuition will be refunded.

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